Indian Central Bank Responds About Crypto Restrictions

India’s central bank has responded to a representation about its crypto banking ban. The Supreme Court gave the central bank seven days to reply following a hearing last week of the petition by the Internet & Mobile Association of India… Continue Reading

Indian Supreme Court Heard Crypto Petition but Upholds RBI Ban – Effective in 2 Days

The Indian Supreme Court heard one petition against the crypto banking ban by the country’s central bank today. However, the court did not grant a stay and the ban is set to proceed as planned, prompting crypto exchanges in the… Continue Reading

Indian Crypto Exchanges Launching P2P Trading Services – Bypassing RBI Ban

With the impending banking ban by the Reserve Bank of India, cryptocurrency exchanges in the country are scrambling to find banking alternatives. Two Indian exchanges have announced that they are launching P2P crypto trading services which will allow traders to… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Will Not Reconsider Ross Ulbricht’s Life Sentence

On June 28, 2018, the US Supreme Court revealed it would not re-evaluate Ross Ulbricht’s court case and double life sentence tied to his charges of operating the Silk Road marketplace. Ulbricht’s legal team and family were hoping the recent… Continue Reading

Crypto Exchange Resumes Trading in India Despite Problems with Banks and RBI

Cryptocurrency exchange Belfrics has resumed trading operations in India after halting earlier this year due to banks refusing to provide payments solutions to the exchange. Belfrics has also added four more cryptocurrencies to its platform, with 20 more planned for… Continue Reading

Indian Crypto Regulations Ready in July, Official Reveals

If you thought crypto in India was over, you were probably wrong. According to a recent statement by a high-ranking official, the long-awaited regulations are on the way. A draft framework has been prepared, and authorities in Delhi hope to… Continue Reading

Indian Crypto Exchanges Engage with RBI to Offer Banking Ban Alternatives

Indian cryptocurrency exchanges have followed the Supreme Court’s suggestion for them to present their cases to the Reserve Bank of India. They have sent letters to the central bank, offering alternatives to the RBI’s banking ban. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms… Continue Reading

Russian Court Overturns Decision to Block Bitcoin Website

A Russian court has overturned a previous court decision to block a bitcoin-related website because it contains information about cryptocurrencies. The Supreme Court ordered the city court to hear the appeal. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space… Continue Reading

Korean Government Clarifies Position After Supreme Court Crypto Ruling

The South Korean government has clarified its position in response to the recent ruling by the country’s Supreme Court stating that cryptocurrency is an asset with measurable value that can be confiscated. The government says its position should be viewed… Continue Reading

Korean Supreme Court Rules Cryptocurrency Is Asset With Economic Value

The South Korean Supreme Court has ruled that cryptocurrency is an asset with economic value that can be confiscated. In the case involving a porn site and 191 confiscated BTC, the country’s top court upheld a district court’s ruling. Also… Continue Reading