Japan’s GMO Gets Ready to Start Selling 7nm Bitcoin Mining Chips

Japanese internet giant GMO has updated its plans to manufacture and sell its 7nm bitcoin mining chips as well as for its own mining operations. Interested customers will soon be able to reserve some of these chips. Also read: Yahoo! Japan… Continue Reading

The Challenge of Conforming Crypto to the Language of Regulation – or Vice Versa

An often overlooked hurdle in the formulation of legislative apparatus for cryptocurrency is the challenge of adapting cryptocurrency to the classifications and language of financial regulations. Also Read: Research Paper Declares Bitcoin Compliant With Shariah Law Language Barrier Between Regulators and… Continue Reading

Kazakhstan Preparing to Prohibit Crypto Trading and Mining, Says Central Bank

The chairman of the central bank of Kazakhstan said that the bank has prepared legislation to prohibit the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies in the country as well as any kind of crypto mining, citing several risks he sees. Also… Continue Reading

Bitfinex Rejects All Present and Future Venezuelan Cryptocurrencies

Bitfinex has announced that it will not list or transact Venezuela’s new “oil-backed cryptocurrency” or any other tokens that the country may issue in the future, citing U.S. sanctions. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan government has reportedly set the minimum investment amount… Continue Reading

Venezuela Considers Selling Its ”Oil-Backed” Cryptocurrency With a 60% Discount

Featured The advisors of the Venezuelan government have recommended that the country’s oil-backed cryptocurrency, the petro, be sold in private placements at a discount of up to 60 percent. 38.4 million petros, with a face value of… Continue Reading