Stop Looking for the Next Bitcoin

Did you hear about the next bitcoin? There’s this little-known cryptocurrency that experts are tipping to be bigger than bitcoin. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor and join the next great wealth creation event. You… Continue Reading

Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices Rebound During the First Week of July

Cryptocurrency markets are doing better this week since our last markets update as the entire digital asset economy is now valued at around $270.4Bn. Most digital currencies are up between 7-25 percent over the last seven days and trade volumes… Continue Reading

Global Data Report: Cryptocurrencies are Expensive, Slow, Unspendable, Cannot Scale

Cryptocurrencies – Thematic Research, a report recently issued by Global Data, is attempting to smash what it views as myths and huge untruths about the hype surrounding crypto. Among their findings, the company concludes cryptocurrencies are expensive, slow, mostly unspendable,… Continue Reading

Ripple, CEO Face Another Securities Fraud Lawsuit

A third lawsuit, alleging securities fraud, was filed last week against Ripple Labs Inc, XRPII LLC, and its CEO Bradley Glaringhouse. In 28 pages, the class action suit attempts to make the case XRP is a security: issued, maintained, and… Continue Reading

Paul Krugman Trolls Ripple, Accidentally Making a Case for Bitcoin Cash

“If a digital currency isn’t actually used for any transactions, is it, you know, actually a currency?” tweeted Nobel laureate economist with the ears of American progressive politicians, Paul Krugman. He was prompted by a colleague’s recent article regarding a… Continue Reading

Volume Rankings Report for June 2018: Trading Activity Drops Across Crypto Markets

Market action during June has seen a significant slump in trade volume, with the majority of the ten most traded cryptocurrencies experiencing a drop in volume of between roughly 17% and 57% when compared with May. Also Read: ICO Round-Up: Social… Continue Reading

Bithumb Reveals 11 Cryptocurrencies Lost and Plan to Compensate Customers

South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb has announced the 11 cryptocurrencies stolen in last week’s theft and the amount of each coin missing. A compensation plan has also been unveiled for the equivalent value of the lost coins in an undetermined… Continue Reading

Bitlicense Should be Smashed, Candidate for New York Governor Urges

Since the infamous Bitlicense was put into effect, the ecosystem has fought for its removal. It turns out to be much harder in practice than in theory to oust a law once it’s put into effect. The good news is… Continue Reading

Crypto Exchange Resumes Trading in India Despite Problems with Banks and RBI

Cryptocurrency exchange Belfrics has resumed trading operations in India after halting earlier this year due to banks refusing to provide payments solutions to the exchange. Belfrics has also added four more cryptocurrencies to its platform, with 20 more planned for… Continue Reading

Markets Update: Triple Bottom Confirmed, but Where Will It Lead?

Cryptocurrency bears are still clawing away at digital asset prices on Sunday, June 24 as most of the digital currency market values are down between 3-12 percent over the last 24-hours. The top cryptocurrency market held by bitcoin core (BTC)… Continue Reading