CBDC Could Have “Severely Negative Consequences” for “Bank-Dominated Payments System” – Former FDIC Chair

The former chair of the United States Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Sheila Bair, recently published an article imploring the U.S. Federal Reserve to explore central bank-issued digital currencies (CBDCs). In the article, Mrs. Bair argues that the development of a… Continue Reading

$2.5 Billion Sent Out of Iran to Purchase Cryptocurrencies

The chairman of the economic committee of Iran’s parliament has revealed that Iranians have sent more than $2.5 billion out of the country to purchase cryptocurrencies with. His statement follows the country’s central bank banning local banks from dealing with… Continue Reading

Louisiana Mayor Proposes Government-Backed Crypto and ICO

The mayor-president of the Louisiana city of Lafayette, Joel Robideaux, has proposed an ambitious plan that would see the city develop a government-issued cryptocurrency. Mr. Robideaux suggested the launching the cryptocurrency through an initial coin offering (ICO). Also Read: Spring Sees… Continue Reading

Mastercard “Very Happy” to Use Cryptocurrencies, Just Not Real Ones

When you are an entrenched player deep within a certain system, especially one as complex and inflexible as the banking industry, it can be hard to implement changes, even when there is a critical need to adapt to emerging technologies.… Continue Reading

Venezuela Picks FX Platform to Auction Petro ‘Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency’

Venezuela has chosen a platform on which to auction its “oil-backed cryptocurrency”, the petro. While the country’s National Assembly has repeatedly declared this new currency illegal, the Venezuelan government will proceed with the auction of the petro on the country’s… Continue Reading

How the Marshall Islands Sovereign Cryptocurrency Came About

The cryptocurrency community is full of entrepreneurial people who think they can change the world. From challenging financial and tech giants to attempting to establish sovereign micro-nations, nothing is beyond their reach. A recent example shows they can even successfully… Continue Reading

Offshore Tax Haven Marshall Islands to Issue National Cryptocurrency

A small island nation with less than 60,000 inhabitants best known internationally as a former test site for nuclear weapons is joining the hottest new trend – issuing a national cryptocurrency. The planned Marshall Islands’ Govcoin is expected to be… Continue Reading

Marshall Islands Plans “Initial Currency Offering” For National Cryptocurrency

The Marshall Islands is the latest country looking to issue its very own cryptocurrency. Called “the sovereign” (SOV), the cryptocurrency will circulate as legal tender alongside the USD and will be distributed to the public via an “initial currency offering,”… Continue Reading

Bill Submitted to Make Cryptoruble Legal Tender in Russia

Regulation A bill has been submitted to the Russian parliament to make the country’s national “cryptocurrency,” the cryptoruble, legal tender in Russia. This bill was introduced as the finance ministry published a different bill for the regulation of… Continue Reading