Cash Shuffle’s BCH Mixer Moves Forward with Steady Testing

Back in December, a new privacy protocol was released for bitcoin cash users called Cash Shuffle. The application has seen steady development since its inception and this week Cash Shuffle developers say that the platform’s alpha testing has been successful… Continue Reading

Bitcoin Cash Sees More Infrastructure, Applications, and Protocol Innovation

Over the past few weeks, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has seen a lot of new infrastructure support, applications, and protocol innovation. While everyone has been watching the bearish markets across the digital currency economy, in general, there’s a lot… Continue Reading

Chainbet Protocol Adds Trustless Multiplayer Bets, Auctions, and Dice Rolls

Just recently reported on the Chainbet protocol created by the developer Jonald Fyookball, designed to add trustless betting features to the Bitcoin Cash network. Following the launch of this concept, the Openbazaar developer Chris Pacia messed around with the… Continue Reading

Bitcoin Cash Innovation Continues with the First On-Chain Atomic Bet

Just recently wrote about a trustless betting protocol designed by Jonald Fyookball called Chainbet, a protocol that enables simple coin flip wagers using the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. Since then the Openbazaar developer Chris Pacia performed the first atomic… Continue Reading

Chainbet Protocol Proposes a Trustless Bitcoin Cash Betting Mechanism

On Saturday June 9, the founder of the bitcoin cash-centric wallet Electron Cash, Jonald Fyookball, revealed that he had created an on-chain betting protocol called Chainbet. The 255 lines of code form a proposal that allows a simple coin flip… Continue Reading

BCH Miners Discuss Funding Development With a Fraction of Block Rewards

On May 19 a group of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) miners met after the Coingeek Conference in Hong Kong to discuss a new proposal which would fund BCH development and professional programmers who work on the protocol. The funding would stem… Continue Reading

How to Shuffle Your BCH Coins Like a Boss

There are a bunch of unique bitcoin cash wallets these days and even more interesting clients on the horizon. However, there is one particular bitcoin cash (BCH) wallet called Electron Cash that’s been around since the inception of BCH offering… Continue Reading

Coingeek Announces Funding the Electron Cash Development Team

News On February 1 the cryptocurrency media outlet and blockchain company Coingeek announced it plans to fund the Electron Cash team’s development. The new Electron Cash projects will involve working on innovative plans for the bitcoin cash… Continue Reading