Russian Duma Adopts Three Crypto Bills on First Reading

Russian State Duma has approved its first reading of the long-awaited legislation package regulating crypto-related matters and activities. The legal texts, voted almost unanimously, will open the way for legalization of cryptocurrencies in the Russian Federation, including their exchange and… Continue Reading

Blockchain Skills? Hired! $120,000+ Plus Bonus!

Blockchain this and blockchain that might be so much hype, but no one can deny hundreds of millions of dollars, some say billions, sloshing around the ecosystem in search of advancing technology undergirding cryptocurrencies. There’s a battle in even the… Continue Reading

Bitcoin in Brief Monday: New EU Rules Kill Another Crypto Venture

The upcoming implementation of a major regulatory push by the European Union to control how companies can operate on the Internet has killed another venture in the cryptocurrency sphere. This story, astrology-based financial investment, and many more feature in today’s… Continue Reading

Coingeek Conference 2018: Bitcoin Cash Innovation Shines in Hong Kong

On May 18, 2018, the blockchain firm Coingeek hosted its inaugural Coingeek Conference held this year in Hong Kong. The event was filled with movers and shakers from the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem, alongside hundreds of BCH supporters looking to… Continue Reading

SEC Commissioner Cautiously “Open” to Regulatory Sandbox for ICOs

United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Commissioner, Hester Peirce, delivered a speech before the Medici Conference earlier this month discussing many issues pertinent to ICOs. Mrs. Peirce indicated that the SEC is open to discussion of developing a regulatory… Continue Reading

What’s In a Name? The Identity Crisis for Initial Coin Offerings

Aaron Kaplan, securities attorney at Gusrae Kaplan Nusbaum PLLC and COO of Prometheum, where he has focused on blockchain and securities regulation.  He is guest author for this Opinion/Editorial.  Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have become the investment du jour while… Continue Reading

Ethereum Founder Responds to Charges of “Insane”, “Plutocratic” Governance

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s cofounder, is increasingly finding himself target of very public rumors about his role in the project’s supposed love of secrecy. Charges of lacking transparency are equivalent to mortal sins in the cryptocurrency space. Ethereum too is particularly… Continue Reading

Bitcoin in Brief Wednesday: Stripper Explains Bitcoin to Adult Industry, Facebook Explores Blockchain

Today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief showcases the continued rapid pace at which the cryptocurrency revolution is disrupting all segments of the business world, from the adult entertainment industry, to stock exchanges and even social networks. Also Read: Details Emerge… Continue Reading

David Siegel, Founder of The Pillar Project Talks Cryptocurrency Regulation

The threat of increased regulation and differing regulatory stances from every corner of the globe is creating challenges for cryptocurrency and blockchain innovators. It’s difficult for companies to accurately assess the regulatory landscape and ensure their products and services are… Continue Reading

Japanese Crypto Startup Quoine Launches ICO Execution Platform

Quoine, a cryptocurrency startup from Japan, has launched its ICO Mission Control platform, an all-in-one initial coin offering (ICO) execution service. The platform is initially being implemented into Quoine’s Qryptos exchange before being integrated into the forthcoming Liquid platform for… Continue Reading