EOS Has Issues

The EOS mainnet is less than a week old but already the much-vaunted blockchain has ran into a spate of issues ranging from the minor to the critical. Teething problems with new blockchains are to be expected, but the numeracy… Continue Reading

Markets Update: Crypto Markets Tests Key Support Levels

Bearish momentum appears to be accelerating across the cryptocurrency markets following the failure of BTC to hold above the long-term ascending trendline dating back to July 2017. As of this writing, the BTC markets appear to be falling to test… Continue Reading

Bitcoin in Brief Thursday: New Tech and a Quick Way to Make a Fortune in Crypto

The most important thing about bitcoin is the new freedom-enhancing innovations that the technology enables, but we know that’s not what everyone is looking for these days. So in today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief we also feature a surefire… Continue Reading

Markets Update: Leading Cryptocurrencies Break Above Bear Channels

The bullish action witnessed by the cryptocurrency markets last week has seen many leading markets break above the bearish descending channels which have guided price action in recent weeks. The last couple of days has seen the many markets retrace… Continue Reading

Decentralizing Cryptocurrency Is Hard

“Decentralization shaming” is a popular way for cryptocurrency tribes to laud their anointed altcoin at the expense of the rest. The degree to which a cryptocurrency is free from control by any one entity has become a stick with which… Continue Reading

Huobi Creates Its Own Cryptocurrency Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)

Why wait for Wall Street to launch exchange traded funds following the crypto markets? Huobi, the Singapore-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange, has decided to create its own ETF style instrument based on its recently launched index of ten digital assets.  Also Read: This… Continue Reading

Devere Group Adds Bitcoin Cash and EOS to Crypto Exchange App

Devere Group, an international financial consultancy boasting well over 80,000 clients in more than 100 countries, has announced that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and EOS have now been added its recently released cryptocurrency exchange app Devere Crypto. Also Read: Bitcoin in Brief… Continue Reading

Markets Update: Volume Rankings Report for May 2018 – EOS Dominates Leading Exchanges

May witnessed sustained bearish action in the cryptocurrency markets, with many markets giving back most of the gains made during April. When looking at trade volume, we can see that BTC was by far the most traded cryptocurrency, followed by… Continue Reading

Markets Update: Slight Comeback Shows Cryptocurrencies Press Forward

Digital assets are seeing some recovery today on May 29, as cryptocurrency bulls are attempting to press market prices higher. Cryptocurrency values dropped pretty low this weekend once again after being unable to hold steady earlier last week. Bitcoin Cash… Continue Reading