Sleeping in His Car and Working Two Jobs: Man Goes All In on Crypto

If you had one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, would you capture it or just let it slip? So convinced is one man that cryptocurrency is the future, he’s given up his apartment and is living in his… Continue Reading

5 Years Ago You Should Have Bought Bitcoin, Not Altcoins

With seemingly endless new altcoins claiming that they will change the world whilst generating exorbitant returns for investors, it can be highly informative to sometimes get a bird’s eye view of longer-term altcoin performance by digging through the annals of… Continue Reading

Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Lose Steam During the Weekend

Cryptocurrencies have been dropping in value this Saturday, May 12 as most digital assets are down between 3-15 percent. The price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is hovering around $1,446 at press time while gaining 3.4 percent today — And Bitcoin Core (BTC)… Continue Reading

US State Issues Emergency Cease and Desist Orders to Two Crypto Investment Firms

A U.S. state has issued emergency cease and desist orders to two companies and related persons purportedly engaged in cryptocurrency investment schemes. The first company posted videos of three mining farms composed of online stock images, according to the order.… Continue Reading

Markets Update: BTC Resistance at $10,000 Holds, Gains Dwarfed by Alternative Markets

The BTC markets have rallied to test resistance at the $10,000 area. Despite gaining 60% in just four weeks, BTC’s recent gains have been significantly overshadowed by those produced by many top performing cryptocurrency markets, including Bitcoin Cash – which… Continue Reading

Meitu Founder Announces Accumulation of 10,000 Bitcoins in 2018

Cai Wensheng, the founder of Meitu Inc., a Chinese technology company that makes smartphones and selfie apps, has announced that his bitcoin holdings have reached a personal milestone of 10,000 BTC. Mr. Wensheng also discussed his investments in alternative cryptocurrencies,… Continue Reading

Openbazaar Co-Founder Expresses Frustration Over BTC Fees

The co-founder of Openbazaar, Washington Sanchez, has taken to Twitter to vent frustration with the high fees associated with BTC. Mr. Sanchez expressed regret for his previous BTC “maximalism,” and reinforced Openbazaar’s desire to place a greater emphasis on alternative… Continue Reading

The Most Controversial Bitcoin Forks Yet Are Coming

Bitcoin forks are invariably contentious, but the latest batch could be the most controversial yet. Bitcoin Prime and Anonymous Bitcoin have been labeled as shameless cash grabs that are little more than pump and dumps orchestrated by opportunistic developers. The… Continue Reading

New Store Sells Cryptocurrencies for Regular Old Cash in Croatia

A “Bitcoin store” has opened doors in Croatia. It sells bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and even issues receipts. The shop is a welcome addition to the steadily growing crypto sector in the Balkan country. The team behind the project plans… Continue Reading

Pantera Capital CEO: $40 Trillion Cryptocurrency Market Cap Is ‘Definitely Possible’

The CEO of blockchain investment fund Pantera Capital Management has made the bullish claim that the cryptocurrency market could one day balloon to $40 trillion. Speaking during a panel interview on Bloomberg Television yesterday, Dan Morehead, the chief executive and… Continue Reading