Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices See Relief After Three Day Losses

Cryptocurrency prices have dropped significantly over the past 72 hours after reaching new highs on May 5. When Bitcoin Core (BTC) prices touched a high of $9,940 USD this past Saturday buyers met resistance and the price tumbled to a… Continue Reading

Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Erase Two-Day Losses

Cryptocurrencies are seeing some relief during today’s trading sessions just before the weekend, as the top ten digital assets are currently up 3-11 percent. Most of the losses that took place two days ago have been erased as the total… Continue Reading

Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Bring Bullish Gains This Spring

Cryptocurrencies are breaking new price levels this week as markets are seeing gains across the board during the last two weeks of April. Yesterday’s trading sessions saw bitcoin cash touch a high of $1,560 per BCH as the currency has… Continue Reading

Markets Update: Broken Trendlines and Bullish Bounces

The cryptocurrency markets have shown early signs of a bullish momentum shift following several months of heavy selling pressure. After losing upwards of 75% to 85% and forming ‘adam-and-eve’ style double bottoms, many leading cryptocurrency markets have produced significant bounces… Continue Reading

Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices Begin to Sink Once Again

Cryptocurrency prices have dropped considerably over the past 48 hours since our last markets update. Currently, the entire digital asset ecosystem has lost more than $32 billion since that time, and BTC/USD values have once again dipped under the $8K… Continue Reading

Markets Update: Trader Sentiment Optimistic But Signals Still Unclear

Cryptocurrency markets are bouncing around in value over the course of the weekend as the entire crypto-market capitalization currently rests at $329 billion USD. BTC/USD markets briefly jumped above the $9K region on Sunday, March 25 but dropped an hour… Continue Reading

Markets Update: Crypto Values Drop to Lower Vantage Points

The price of cryptocurrencies across all markets has been dropping in value quite a bit over the past 48 hours. BTC/USD markets started tumbling on March 5, after the price reached a high of $11,650 during the evening trading sessions.… Continue Reading

Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Start Forming a Well Defined Uptrend

Market Updates Cryptocurrency markets are starting to slowly inch back upwards after many digital assets lost roughly 40-70 percent of the values they held two months ago. Bitcoin core markets (BTC/USD) reached a low of $5,920 this… Continue Reading