Major Korean Crypto Exchange: $31 Million Vanishes

Bithumb, South Korea’s largest crypto exchange announced on its website that between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, Korean time, 35 billion won (about 31.5 million USD) worth of cryptocurrencies vanished. Just a few hours later, the announcement was taken down,… Continue Reading

Hacked Korean Crypto Exchange Unveils Plan to Restart Service Amid Controversies

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinrail has unveiled its plan to resume service despite surrounding controversies. The exchange reportedly removed a key part of its terms of service right before it was allegedly hacked, arousing suspicions. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance… Continue Reading

With No One Price Law for Bitcoin, Japan’s FSA Debates Restrictions on Leverage

The different prices of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies between countries and exchanges have led investors to seek arbitrage opportunities, a trend noticed by financial regulators around the world. Discussions are underway at the Japanese Financial Services Agency on restricting leverage. Also… Continue Reading

As Korean Crypto Exchanges Step Up AML Compliance, Banks Are Failing

As the South Korean government steps up its anti-money laundering (AML) oversight, major crypto exchanges in the country are voluntarily complying while banks are reportedly failing to meet the guidelines for compliance. South Korea has also been discussing ways to… Continue Reading

South Korean Government Agency Seeks Direct Supervision Over Crypto Exchanges

The South Korean government is reportedly seeking to bring cryptocurrency exchanges under the direct supervision of the country’s Financial Intelligence Unit. This will obligate crypto exchanges to follow anti-money laundering directives like banks do. This is the first time a… Continue Reading

Report: Suspicious Transactions at Korean Exchange Coinrail Months Before Hack

Following the announcement by South Korean crypto exchange Coinrail that it has been hacked, a local publication reported that some banks had identified suspicious transactions at the exchange and stopped providing services to company months before the incident. Also read: Yahoo!… Continue Reading

Korean Firm Keypair Launches Credit Card-Shaped NFC Hardware Wallet

A new hardware wallet has been launched by the South Korean financial tech firm Keypair. The company’s Keywallet Touch has an interesting design as it’s shaped like a credit card and utilizes NFC technology. The company says the device’s smart… Continue Reading

Korean Exchange Upbit Paid Six People for Reporting Fraudulent Crypto Schemes

A major South Korean exchange, Upbit, has paid six people for reporting fraudulent crypto-related schemes. Ten cases were reported to the exchange and six of them were selected. Upbit also recently partnered with Thomson Reuters to operate a system to… Continue Reading

Bitcoin in Brief Monday: Korean Exchange Hack Takes a Toll on Crypto Markets

The news of another hacked South Korean crypto exchange, widely blamed for the drops across the markets, is the main story in today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief. Other subjects covered include a hospital where you can pay with tokens… Continue Reading

South Korea Mulls Over How to Cash Out State-Owned Cryptocurrency

The South Korean government is mulling over how to cash out the cryptocurrency it recently confiscated. While the most likely option is to auction the coins off using the government-owned auction platform, various concerns have been raised. Also read: Yahoo! Japan… Continue Reading