Bitcoin in Brief Thursday: Main Street Adopts Bitcoin Ahead of Wall Street

In today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief we feature stories that show how fast and nimble banks that support cryptocurrency-based businesses are benefiting at the expense of the larger players that have yet to enter the market, how more financial… Continue Reading

Markets Update: Digital Assets Show Recovery After the Past Three Days of Dips

Digital asset markets are doing some healing during the past 24-hours of trading after touching some lows the day prior. At the moment the entire cryptocurrency market capitalization of all 1,600+ tokens is around $377Bn with around $16Bn worth of… Continue Reading

Markets Update: Mid-May Price Dips Plague Cryptocurrency Markets

Cryptocurrency markets are losing some gains today, as most digital assets are down between 3-15 percent during this morning’s trading sessions on May 16, 2018. The overall cryptocurrency market cap has shaved a few billion in losses since our last… Continue Reading

Bitcoin in Brief Monday: Elon Musk Takes on Bitcoin-Bashing Warren Buffett

Today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief focuses on a clash between the old guard of the global economy, fearing new innovations they can’t understand, and the young entrepreneurs using them to change the world. We will also show how sometimes… Continue Reading

Huobi Labs Announces a $1 billion fund for Blockchain companies

A strategic partnership has been announced between Tianya and Huobi labs. With the latter introducing a $1 billion fund for new businesses seeking to enter the field of blockchain technology. Huobi Labs is an incubator company for the larger cryptocurrency exchange,… Continue Reading

SBI Unveils New Plans For Its Cryptocurrency Exchange

While initially scrapping its plans to develop a cryptocurrency exchange in conjunction with partners. SBI Holdings has today announced new plans to more forward with the development of their own self developed exchange. President and CEO of the company, Yoshitaka… Continue Reading

Crypto Exchange Huobi Eyes European Expansion With London Office

Huobi, a cryptocurrency exchange platform originally from China, is looking to expand into the European market with a new office in London to be launched later this year, the company announced on Monday. Huobi operates several brands covering cryptocurrency trading,… Continue Reading

South Korea Orders 12 Crypto Exchanges to Revise Consumer Contracts

South Korea’s financial watchdog today ordered a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges to update their adhesion contracts, which the agency claims causes problems for users in withdrawals, and generally puts the businesses way ahead of consumers on all levels. Also read: Trezor to… Continue Reading

Huobi Officially Launches in South Korea with 100 Cryptocurrencies

Huobi has officially launched in South Korea. The platform facilitates the trading of 100 cryptocurrencies and 208 markets. The exchange is also creating an investor protection fund and program to immediately compensate for any losses that are not investor error.… Continue Reading