Coinigy Launches Subscription-Based Cryptocurrency Trading Mobile App

Coinigy, a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading platform, has announced the launch of Coinigy Mobile, a subscription-based mobile cryptocurrency trading application for iOS and Android, providing customers with a platform to place limit and stop orders throughout nearly 20 exchanges with data… Continue Reading

Why Crypto Investors Are Flocking to eToro

More than nine million investors have put their faith in eToro and joined the world’s leading global social trading and investment network. With so many traders and investors around the world joining it, we try to explore why these people… Continue Reading

Robinhood App Expands Cryptocurrency Trading to Two More US States

Almost three months after starting to roll out cryptocurrency trading, Robinhood has expanded the service to another two more American localities. This means that residents of eight US states in total now have access to Robinhood Crypto. Also Read: This… Continue Reading

Japanese Forex Giant GMO to Launch New UK Crypto Trading App

Japanese brokers already dominate the global online retail FX and CFD market by trading volumes. And it now looks like they will try to leverage their country’s receptive regulatory environment to expand internationally with crypto too. The latest example is… Continue Reading

20% of Financial Institutions Examining Starting Cryptocurrency Trading Soon

The cryptocurrency trading market is about to receive an influx of more big banks, hedge funds and other financial institutions within the next few months to a year. A new survey shows that while most are keeping quiet in public… Continue Reading

Robinhood App Expands Cryptocurrency Trading to Another US State

Two months after starting to roll out crypto trading, Robinhood has finally expanded the service to another American state. For now, it’s still supporting just bitcoin and ethereum, however the app is expected to add at least another fourteen cryptocurrencies… Continue Reading

Barclays Testing the Waters for a Cryptocurrency Trading Desk

While the big banks are usually very skeptical of bitcoin in public, below the radar they could all already be making plans to gain a foothold for themselves in the ecosystem. The latest example is Barclays that is reportedly asking… Continue Reading

Make Money While You Sleep? Welcome To The World Of Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

When it comes to trading cryptocurrency, there are many obstacles for the average user – the complexity of technical analysis, the skills involved in identifying trends and, of course, the volatility of the market, meaning coins can soar or plummet… Continue Reading

ADS Securities Adds Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple CFDs

Cryptocurrency CFDs are now a must-have feature for all online retail brokers in order to retain clients judging by the scope of the industry that is adding the instrument. The international brokerage ADS securities is now offering five different cryptocurrencies… Continue Reading

OTC Cryptocurrency Desks Trade Billions Over Skype

Big players in the cryptocurrency space have set up their own private network for OTC trading, buying and selling billions every month among their little club. And instead of using Bloomberg, Symphony or anything of that caliber usually employed by traders on… Continue Reading