DOJ Crypto Investigation Tanks Prices, Fundstrat Welcomes Adult Supervision

Investigations are all about the crypto ecosystem, but a recent report regarding a US Department of Justice price manipulation crackdown was widely said to be the cause of market caps falling, and by a lot. Fundstrat, the ecosystem’s favorite financial… Continue Reading

Bitfinex Starts Sharing Customer Tax Data with Authorities

Bitfinex, an exchange famed for its opaque banking arrangements, has begun ordering its users to submit their tax details. The platform, which is registered in the British Virgin Islands, a known tax haven, will retain this information and may share… Continue Reading

Markets Update: Mid-May Price Dips Plague Cryptocurrency Markets

Cryptocurrency markets are losing some gains today, as most digital assets are down between 3-15 percent during this morning’s trading sessions on May 16, 2018. The overall cryptocurrency market cap has shaved a few billion in losses since our last… Continue Reading

The Most Controversial Bitcoin Forks Yet Are Coming

Bitcoin forks are invariably contentious, but the latest batch could be the most controversial yet. Bitcoin Prime and Anonymous Bitcoin have been labeled as shameless cash grabs that are little more than pump and dumps orchestrated by opportunistic developers. The… Continue Reading

Bitfinex Adds Stellar and Verge to Platform As It Responds to Community Demands

Bitfinex, one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced that it is introducing two new tokens to its platform as it continues to expand its offerings to customers. The Hong Kong-based exchange is adding Stellar (XLM) and Verge (XVG),… Continue Reading

Japan’s GMO Wants to Borrow Bitcoins from Customers

Japanese internet giant GMO has launched a service to allow customers to lend their bitcoins to the company. Customers’ bitcoin balances will be debited from their GMO Coin trading accounts once loan agreements have been reached. This program is similar… Continue Reading

Bitfinex Introduces Trading of 12 New Tokens

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has announced the introduction of 12 new token listings to its trading platform. The new coins include Aion, Raiden Network, Request Network, IOSToken and Loopring. The 12 tokens have a combined market capitalization of over $1.1… Continue Reading

Bitfinex Introduces Trading for 12 Altcoins Including Tether Competitor

Bitfinex has announced the introduction of 12 new ERC-20 tokens. Among the tokens listed is Dai – a stablecoin competitor to Tether. Also Read: First Soros, Now Rockefellers Move into Cryptocurrency Bitfinex Announces Trading Pairs for 12 New Altcoins On April… Continue Reading

Bitcoin in Brief Sunday: Stablecoin v Stablecoin

Today’s Bitcoin in Brief provides some leisurely Sunday reading for anyone who has a life to live outside of crypto. We curate the best stories from the past 24 hours and condense them into a daily digest so you can… Continue Reading

Crypto Exchanges Charging Up To $3 Million To List Tokens

Cryptocurrency trading exchanges are charging as much as ten times the amount traditional exchanges request for securities, according to a paper released by Autonomous Research, a fintech analysis firm. Also read: Taiwan Looks to Regulate Bitcoin Under Anti-Money Laundering Laws… Continue Reading