Bitcoin Tax Reporting Software Developer Node40 Acquired for $8m

Taxes A publicly traded Canadian crypto miner has just made a $8 million bet that all bitcoin users around the world will eventually be compelled to report their transactions to the taxman, and that they will help… Continue Reading

Search the Blockchain With’s New Block Explorer

Promoted This week the team at, the internet’s premier bitcoin portal, launched its block explorer enabling cryptocurrency enthusiasts to search the bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin core networks for activities like transactions, addresses, and information about… Continue Reading

Coinshares Group Plans to Launch New Crypto-Investment Funds

News This week the firm Coinshares Group has announced two new investment vehicles tethered to cryptocurrencies. Coinshares was the first organization to launch publicly traded bitcoin and ethereum-based exchange-traded-notes (ETN), and the firm’s new funds will offer… Continue Reading

Ukraine’s Cyberpolice Supports Legalization of Cryptocurrencies

Regulation The cybercrime combating department of Ukrainian Police has voiced support for the legalization of cryptocurrencies despite sharing some concerns about them. The Cyberpolice unit also noted the need to regulate cryptos “as soon as possible”. Ukrainian parliament… Continue Reading

Hawaii’s New Money Transmitters Act Will Require Virtual Currency Licenses

Regulation The state of Hawaii is planning to regulate the use of bitcoin and digital currencies that would require licensure to transmit cryptocurrency-based funds. Two bills introduced by a group of partisan Hawaiian lawmakers are focused on… Continue Reading

South Korean Court Rules Bitcoin Has Economic Value

Featured A South Korean court has ruled that bitcoin has an economic value for the first time. This overturned an earlier court ruling which did not recognize the digital currency. The case involves the confiscation of 191… Continue Reading